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Correct Storage Procedures

According to the latest research over 40% of the U.S food supply is never consumed. (Food Safety News)

One of the reasons for this is restaurants simply not being sure of how to store food, what can be refrigerated and the best use of their food.

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Barbecue Food Safety

What do Tom Cruise (Lt Pete “Maverick” Mitchell) and a hamburger have in common? They’re best when kept away from the danger zone……

Now, if you don’t understand the above terrible joke it means that you are either too young to have seen Top Gun (It’s on Netflix, definitely worth a watch) or you  ne...

Seafood Safety – Key Things to Remember

Seafood is becoming ever more popular among restaurant goers, however, from a food safety viewpoint it can be one type of food that without proper food hygiene training can put customers at risk.

Over the past few weeks there have been public health officials warning of increasing dangers from food...