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70% Turnover in the Restaurant Industry

According to statistics from the National Restaurant Association the turnover rate in the restaurant industry is over 70%!

This staggering figure is actually an increase on 2016, so why are people not staying in jobs for the long term?

Here are 3 main reasons:

  1. One third of working teenagers are...
The Cost of Re-Hiring: $5,864 a Staff Member

With the employee turnover rate for the restaurant industry at 70% for the second consecutive year it must feel like you never have time to do what you’re good at; running a restaurant!

Not only is staff turnover time consuming, stressful and more than likely to cause you to work every day of the w...

Sanitizers & Detergents - What's the Difference?

What’s the difference between detergents and sanitizers?

The major difference between detergents and sanitizers is that a sanitizer kills 99.9% of pathogenic bacteria – meaning it reduces bacteria to a safe level.

Important things to remember:

  • To kill or reduce pathogenic bacteria to a safe lev...
Pest Control

According to research conducted by Time Magazine  poor pest control was the 5th highest reason for foodborne illness in the restaurant sector.

Here at Always Food Safe we want to highlight to you the main problems, how to solve them and some best practices for you to keep in mind.

What are the mai...

Cooking Temperatures

As a business in the food industry it’s important that your team understand what temperature different food groups need to be cooked at to keep your customers safe.

Click on the link to get the USDA recommended safe minimum internal temperatures: http://bit.ly/2qaBXVc.

You must hit these temperatu...

Knowledge is Power

Enjoying the rush of working in a restaurant, thrive don’t just survive!

There are few entry level positions that demand the ability to tussle with stress, manage priorities, and communicate efficiently like the ones you would find at a restaurant. However, if you have the knowledge to back up your...

Tips for Sourcing Fresh Ingredients

“Buying Local” is a huge trend and as we see globalization continue to create longer and more complex food supply chains, it can be tough to source fresh ingredients to meet the needs of a restaurant.

Using locally sourced ingredients offers advantages for chefs and customers alike. Working directl...

It's not just about peanuts

Do your staff know about the different allergens – do they really? Here’s a little cheat sheet to help you and your staff.

One in thirteen children are diagnosed with a life-threatening food allergy. With allergies in children increasing from 1997 to 2011 by 50% according to Food Allergy Research a...