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The Best Ways to Optimize Your Restaurant’s Food Safety Checks

The restaurant industry can be as hot and cold as, well, the restaurant kitchen. There are a lot of moving parts and if one thing derails the whole thing could crash and burn. One thing is certain though, with great restaurant management, that whole crash and burn thing is far less likely! That said, there are a few things you can do to keep your restaurant kitchen running smooth and efficient.

1. Train Properly

A. Map out a detailed training program and use tools that will make things easier for your staff. Often, food safety training takes a trickle-down approach which puts much of the task on busy managers.

B. Always Food Safe provides food safety training and allergen awareness training completely online. It’s easy and affordable! It is a legal requirement across the USA to have at least one staff member Food Manager trained* and on duty at any time in your business. This training gives Managers the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to oversee the safe storage, preparation, and service of food in the workplace.

2. Reduce Food Waste

A. This can be done through proper food labeling and by careful planning. Do your customers often have leftovers? Track your inventory and pay attention to your food costs so you can avoid throwing money away.

3. Manage Labor Costs

A. Labor costs can be crippling to the restaurant industry. With the right tools and proper equipment your labor costs can be reduced and your kitchen even more efficient.

B. Download our helpful PDFs to help keep your restaurant kitchen organized and food safe!