Approved Allergen Awareness training for CBDM certification

This program is approved for 2 continuing sanitation education (CE) hours by the Certifying Board for Dietary Managers

Our course is available for just $18!

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    2 sanitation hours

    This course counts towards your sanitation hours

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    100% online video learning

    The course is 100% online, so you can do it in your own time. The training is also video based, so it is a more enjoyable learning experience.

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    1 hour to complete

    The course takes one hour to complete and that includes taking the exam at the end.

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    Instant Certificate

    You will receive a certificate instantly after completion so you can add this to your folder of CE hours

Here’s a taste of what to expect from us

Key Benefits

Over 15 million Americans now have a food based allergy and the number is growing!

Frighteningly, over 150 people a year die from a food allergy and as an industry we all have a moral and legal duty to protect the customers we serve!

Food Allergens are a serious and growing threat you need to be aware of. Simply put, a basic mistake could kill somebody!

This course is designed to provide Managers, Food Handlers and Servers with an understanding of food allergens, where it can go wrong and how you can help to minimize the risks to a sufferer, day in, day out!

We’ll be taking you through lots of ideas and support for the best way to deal with Food Allergens to ensure you keep both your business and your customers safe.

Our course is 100% online and taught through video learning in both English & Spanish. It can be completed on any device, in 60 minutes!

Each passing year sees more states bring in legislation that makes allergen training a legal requirement.

From January 2018 the following states have made allergen training a legal requirement:

Rhode Island
Montgomery County

If your state currently does not have any legal requirement, under federal law, FDA Food Code 2013, you still have a legal responsibility to serve food that is safe and do everything possible to protect the consumer. Protecting an Allergy Sufferer falls within this Food Code.

We strongly recommended that anyone who works within the food industry completes an allergen training course.

Remember, simply put, a basic mistake could kill somebody!

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By the end of this course you will be able to:

• Understand what are the causes of an allergic reaction.
• Identify the 8 main food allergens.
• Identify cross-contact risks and understand methods for preventing cross-contact in the workplace through cleaning and sanitizing, good personal hygiene, and controlling the flow of food.
• Understand how to listen and communicate with customers who have food allergies, and how to communicate within the operation from the customer, through front of house to the kitchen, including co-workers, chefs and managers.
• Be able to recognize the most common symptoms of an allergic reaction, and how to deal with an attack.

What makes us different from the rest of the market is:

• Our courses are video based, filmed in catering kitchens, and provide curriculum based learning linked to “real life” situations.
• We show good practice and deliberate mistakes.
• Humor is used to make the course more enjoyable and engaging.
• We offer FREE unlimited re-tests!
• We put the learner first!

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The course is split into 6 chapters and explains in detail everything you need to make sure you and your customers are safe.

Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- Introduction to Allergens
• What is a Food Allergy and how does it affect someone?
• What is Coeliac Disease and what is Gluten?
• Symptoms of an Allergic Reaction
• Anaphylactic Shock
• Recognizing an Attack
• Emergency Procedures

Chapter 3 – The 8 Allergens
• Allergenic Foods include:
• Hidden Allergens
• Avoiding Allergic Reactions

Chapter 4 – Recipe creation to storage
• Communication Methods
• Recipe Creation
• Creating a System
• Adapting a Recipe for an Allergy Sufferer
• Suppliers
• Dry Storage
• Chilled & Frozen Storage

Chapter 5 – Preparation through to service

• Food Preparation – Cook – Assembly of Dish
• Front of House Service
• Self Service
• Menu Information
• Front of House Staff

Chapter 6 – Cleaning
• Required Procedures
• Front of House

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Taking the Always Food Safe Company’s Online Allergen Awareness Course was absolutely time well spent.

The format was clear and easy to follow, and the content was exactly what workers in the trenches – both front and back of the house – need to know to ace this particular, important and often overlooked part of their jobs.

Having the option to learn the material by either watching the videos or reading the text makes it possible for all employees to benefit from the course. In either case, the program is as entertaining as it is informative, making it easy to understand and absorb the material.

The sections on hidden allergens and cross contamination are especially welcome, being points that may be easily overlooked by cooks and waiters alike.

Overall, the production is of a very high quality, and the content and delivery spot on. The downloadable pdf of allergens is a useful bonus.

Joe Abuso
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Our course is available for just $18

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