Internal Proctoring For Your Business - Saves $48 Per Staff Member

ANAB regulations require that food protection manager exams must be proctored. This means that somebody has to watch your staff member take their exam.

Always Food Safe now lets you proctor in-house, allowing you to administer exams at your location, rather than paying for a remote proctor.

The benefits are below:

1. Cost Savings – By proctoring internally, you will save $48 per staff member. The manager certification will be $78 instead of $126.

2. Certify Staff Together – You can proctor exams around your team's schedule. This means you can proctor multiple staff members at a time.

3. Quick & Easy – Becoming a proctor takes around 30 minutes!

If you are interested in finding out more, please call 844.312.2011 or email us at

How Do You Become a Proctor?

Becoming a proctor only takes about 30 minutes! You can have as many proctors as you like within your business.

  • Quick reading and then a 10-question quiz
  • Provide you with help guides and step-by-step videos to show you the proctoring process.
  • Our exam has a handy app that can be downloaded and deleted after the person takes their test – this is especially helpful when wifi is an issue. 
  • All exams you proctor will be stored in your dashboard for certificate retrieval should the examinee need it.
  • We have a dedicated proctor line you can call whenever you are faced with an issue or confusion, and we pride ourselves on our customer service.

Contact us at or give us a call at (844) 312-2011

Every Customer is Our Top Customer! As an AFS Instructor/Proctor in Mississippi, I cannot give enough praise to this program. Over 500 completely satisfied clients to date have been through it and enjoyed the training and process. Happy to have AFS a part of the MRTC training curriculum.  - Christopher Bracewell