Performance Food Group Denver

PFG Denver & Always Food Safe - Bringing You The Best Training Around

Always Food Safe are delighted to have partnered with PFG Denver to bring you the best training on the market.

Below is the training we offer:

Food Protection Manager Training & Exam – 8 hour training & 2 hour proctored exam
  • Mandatory requirement for all foodservice establishments across the USA
  • At least 1 certified person on a premise at all times

Food Handler Training & Exam –2 Hour Course & Exam
  • Certification not required in all states (7 states require training)
  • 95% of the industry is at this level of certification

Allergen Awareness Training & Exam – 1 Hour Course & Exam
  • Not mandatory in all states (Required in 4 states)
  • Over 15 million Americans now have a food allergy – so regulation is coming

Alcohol Awareness Training - Timing & Regulation Varies by State

Always Food Safe partnered with to bring the Best, Most Affordable Alcohol Training. have been providing State Accredited Training since 2006.

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