Every member of staff you lose costs $5,864 – It’s time to focus on employee engagement

With the employee turnover rate for the restaurant industry at 70% for the second consecutive year it must feel like you never have time to do what you’re good at; running a restaurant!

Not only is staff turnover time consuming, stressful and more than likely to cause you to work every day of the week, it is also expensive.

Think of the advertising, interview and training costs for every new employee. Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research put the cost at $5,864 per employee.

This is money that businesses just throw away ever year, when there is a simple way to stop employee turnover – EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES, it’s that simple.

How can you empower your employees?

Three simple words: Training, Training, Training

Forbes’ research found that 28% of all employees quit within the first 90-120 days of employment, due to a lack of training and support.

And in just 6 months staff will have forgotten 90% of the training methods you taught them, so it’s important to make continuous training part of your business culture.

When staff receive training, they feel valued, appreciated and see potential within their job. This makes them less likely to leave, as they see a clear future with the business.

A lack of training can make many employees feel underappreciated and can become disillusioned with their role within the organization.

How can Always Food Safe help your business?

Always Food Safe can make your life as a restaurant manager a lot easier, and will please your local health inspector to no end on their next visit.

Not only do our online Food Handler courses teach your staff everything they need to know to keep themselves and your customers safe, but we will provide them with continued training while working for your business.

Every two months we send out an email and video link to your staff members with a two to three-minute update/refresher on certain key food safety topics. For example: Temperature Control, Hand Washing or Personal Hygiene.

Six times a year a learner has the opportunity to refresh their understanding of key food safety points. We believe we are the only company to offer these unique points, and why many major businesses chose our company.

If you want to begin your businesses journey to employee engagement give our team a call at 1-844-312-2011 today.