Y Hata & Co Limited


Always Food Safe has partnered with Y Hata & Co Limited., to Provide Food Safety Training to Their Customers

Y Hata & Co., Limited is a family-owned foodservice company that has been in business since 1913. They are dedicated to serving their customers and providing them with solutions delivered with aloha

3 courses available to Y Hata & Co Limited., customers are below: 

Food Protection Manager Training & Exam – 8 hour training & 2 hour proctored exam
  • Mandatory requirement for all foodservice establishments across the USA
  • At least 1 certified person on a premise at all times

Food Handler Training & Exam –2 Hour Course
  • Certification not required in all states (7 states require training)
  • 95% of the industry is at this level of certification

Allergen Awareness Training & Exam – 1 Hour Course
  • Not mandatory in all states (Required in 4 states)
  • Over 15 million Americans now have a food allergy – so regulation is coming