Always Food Safe has partnered with EyeSpy to add another way you can safeguard customer experience—food safety!

One thing many people don’t put together is that food safety is a very important part of an overall successful customer experience.

One of the services that EyeSpy provides is operational development.

When your employees are trained in food safety with Always Food Safe, it’s just one more way to make sure your customers are protected and, in turn, you profits continue to increase.

Not only does food safety training ensure food safety, it also helps with kitchen efficiency and product loss.

When your entire kitchen is working like a well-oiled and safe machine, your customers are going to have a better experience.

We’re excited about working with EyeSpy and we’re excited to help create a food safety culture throughout all levels of hospitality.

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EyeSpy Branded Training

Not only do we promote EyeSpy, we have created branded courses. Click below to find out more information on the courses we offer:

1. Food Handler Certification 

2. Food Manager Certification

3. Allergen Awareness Certification