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We’re here to help you be Always Food Safe, so take a look at our free downloads, that will help your staff in their everyday jobs.

To Food Safety…and beyond!

Completing your Food Safety training is a huge step towards being always food safe but we know that always applying your learning in your workplace, is the way that you can play your part in keeping America eating safely.

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Did you know...?

Clean hands = Clean food

Washing your hands frequently and properly (with soap and then hand sanitizer) is a critical part of being always food safe.

Just think of all the different contact points you experience before you even arrive at work – if you travel into work on public transport, handle money and touch door handles then you’ll already exchanged germs with thousands of other people…yuk!

We know – everyone thinks that they do wash their hands properly…let’s be sure.
Take 30 seconds and watch our mini hand washing lesson here.

Who else can help…?

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