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    ANSI & State accredited

    Official APPROVED, ANSI accredited online Food Handlers training that is accepted throughout New Mexico

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    With unlimited free resits you will be guaranteed to pass our training

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    Our training is available in both English & Spanish, so you can choose to learn in the language you feel most comfortable in.To select Spanish, click on Espanol in the top right corner of the website.

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    Valid for 3 years

    Once you have completed our course, it will be valid for 3 years.

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    Instant certificate

    This course is 100% online and once completed you can print your certificate out at home, or email to your manager.

Our New Mexico Food Handler Certificates are just $10

ANSI Accredited – Provider #1203

A Food Handler Card is a legal requirement in the state of New Mexico.

Our course is 100% online and taught through video learning in both English & Spanish. It can be completed on any device, in under 2 hours!

Our New Mexico Food Handler course is recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is mapped against the 2013 FDA Food Code, so everything you will learn will match current food hygiene regulations.

Below are a few reasons why you should use The Always Food Safe Company for your Food Handler training:

Our ANSI Accredited, New Mexico Food Handlers Certificate program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and IS compliant for all counties in New Mexico.

The New Mexico Environment Department requires all food handlers have a New Mexico Food Handler Card.

New hires have 30 days from the date of hire to obtain a card. Existing employees have until 1st March 2017 to obtain a card.

A New Mexico Food Handler Card must be obtained from a training company with an ANSI Accredited Food Handler Program.

A food handler is defined by law as a person who performs any duties that involve the preparation, storage or service of food in a food facility.

For the full breakdown of New Mexico Food Law Click Here

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Our course allows YOU to take personal responsibility for food safety, as well as being able to demonstrate basic principles of good practice needed to keep food areas, kitchens, front of house and yourself clean and safe.

• Our courses are filmed in catering kitchens and provide curriculum based learning linked to “real life” situations
• We show good practice and deliberate mistakes
• Humor is used to make the course more enjoyable and engaging
• Course mapped against the 2013 FDA Food Code and covers all aspects of Food Safety
FREE unlimited re-tests!

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The course is split into 9 chapters and explains in detail everything you need to know to make sure you and your customers are safe.

Chapter 1- Introduction to Food Safety & The Law
Chapter 2- Food Safety Hazards – Pathogenic Bacteria
Chapter 3 – Allergens
Chapter 4 – Time & Temperature Controls
Chapter 5 – Principles of Safe Food Storage
Chapter 6 – Food Pests
Chapter 7 – Cleaning
Chapter 8 – Front of House
Chapter 9 – Personal Hygiene

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The short answer is YES!

Your Manager or a Health Official need to be confident that you have received the relevant training, it matches current laws, and more importantly you understand the reasons behind food safety and that you are applying food safety practices and methods to your work/role.

Taking an ANSI accredited course means you have met very high standards. You can demonstrate a strong understanding of food safety and by passing the final exam, prove your knowledge.

The most important point is that you receive training, understand it and implement it.

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Our New Mexico Food Handler Certificates are just $10