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Why did you move from your previous provider?

We had always used ServSafe, but the online instruction was too complicated and did not fit my employee’s work schedule, as far as, ease of use.


What interested you about Always Food Safe?

Our state recognized AFS, and I had seen good reviews


What are your thoughts on our courses and their course content?

I will never go back to ServSafe! The level of instruction and interaction online was incredible. I was afraid I would have to “take breaks” as I was used to the monotone aspect of ServSafe. AFS instructors made you want to keep watching and going to next area.


How was your experience with Always Food Safe?

From the ease of signing up, to the completion and printing certificate, not to mention the added resources and forms they provide, AFS was incredible!!


Did Always Food Safe live up to your expectations?

AFS met and far exceeded my expectations. I was actually disappointed when it was over, as I felt like I “knew” the instructors.


Would you recommend Always Food Safe to your friends and colleagues?

Recommending seems like that just isn’t enough. I will actively make sure that my friends and fellow restaurant colleagues use this incredible instructional platform.


Provide any other statements you’d like to share about our courses or company in general:

I wrote ServSafe and asked a question 2 months ago, and have to this date, still not received an answer. The moment I signed up with Always Food Safe, they have been in constant contact with any question I had. Always Food Safe provided a higher level of what felt like “one on one” training throughout the course, than I have ever received before. Great company, awesome training, superior customer service!!


If you prefer to remain anonymous, please specify keeping name, company, or both anonymous.

We definitely DON’T want to remain anonymous!!! We are happy to talk to anyone about Always Food Safe!!

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