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Why did you move from your previous provider?

We had been using the other provider, ServSafe, exclusively, which I was teaching in a classroom setting, but they were not offering an online program that our team members could do when it fit into their schedule. Always Food Safe allowed us to train and certify more team members rapidly.


What interested you about Always Food Safe?

Always Food Safe presents the material in a fun way, is convenient to access and is more flexible than ServSafe. What are your thoughts on our courses and their course content? The courses are put together well and are entertaining.


How was your experience with Always Food Safe?

My experience with Always Food Safe has been very positive. The team has been very helpful every step of the way.


Did Always Food Safe live up to your expectations?

Always Food Safe has lived up to our expectations. Thanks to Always Food Safe we were able to certify around 60 person in charge (P.I.Cs) in a matter of four months!


Would you recommend Always Food Safe to your friends and colleagues?

I have recommended Always Food Safe to friends and colleagues and our local hospital has used the program to certify their employees.


Provide any other statements you’d like to share about our courses or company in general:

If you’re looking for an online program to certify foodservice workers in your establishment, Always Food Safe is the one stop shop.

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