Allergen Awareness

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The Importance Of Allergen Awareness Training!

Over 15 million Americans now have a food based allergy and the number is growing!

Frighteningly, over 150 people a year die from a food allergy and as an industry we all have a moral and legal duty to protect the customers we serve!

Food Allergens are a serious and growing threat you need to be aware of. Simply put, a basic mistake could kill somebody!

This course is designed to provide Managers, Food Handlers and Servers with an understanding of food allergens, where it can go wrong and how you can help to minimize the risks to a sufferer, day in, day out!

We’ll be taking you through lots of ideas and support for the best way to deal with Food Allergens to ensure you keep both your business and your customers safe.

Once you have completed all the chapters there is a final exam to gain your accredited certificate. Don’t panic if you haven’t taken an exam for a while. We offer free, unlimited retakes.

Our course is 100% online and taught through video learning in both English & Spanish. It can be completed on any device, in 60 minutes!

Who Is Required To Complete This Training?

Regulations differ by state, and by selecting your state from the drop down box above it will break down exact regulations for your state/county.

However, everyone who works within the Food Industry has a legal and moral obligation to have a basic knowledge of Food Safety, and this is why this course is highly recommended to everyone within the industry.

Food Allergen Regulations

Each passing year sees more states bring in legislation that makes allergen training a legal requirement:

  • Illinois
  • Michigan
  • Rhode Island
  • Massachusets
  • Montogmery County

If your state currently does not have any legal requirement, under federal law, FDA Food Code 2013, you still have a legal responsibility to serve food that is safe and do everything possible to protect the consumer. Protecting an Allergy Sufferer falls within this Food Code.

We strongly recommended that anyone who works within the food industry completes an allergen training course.

Remember, simply put, a basic mistake could kill somebody!