Privacy Policy

Keeping food safe is our business but we also prioritize keeping safe the information that you give to us.

When you take part in our training, there’s various information (data) that we need to know about you – like your name and where you work and live. So, like any fair and responsible business that holds customer data, we have a privacy policy that explains how we protect and process this information.

Registration- When you sign-up

As a Registered User, you will create a user ID, choose a password, and create a profile. This is your own personal training ID and if you think that someone else is using your training ID, then you need to let us know right away. Please remember to keep your password confidential.

Entering this information means you authorize us to collect and share information as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

How we protect and process your information is fully documented in our Privacy Policy document. If you would like to see a copy of this, please speak to one of the team. We also adhere to the Children’s Privacy Laws and Your California Privacy Rights/Do Not Track Disclosures. Again, this is fully documented in our Privacy Policy document.

You can either call us toll-free on 1-844-312-2011 or email We are happy to answer any questions.

Document Control Policy & Procedures

In addition, we have a Company Document Control Policy, relating specifically to the Certificate Program Instructional Design Plan, which includes learning outcomes, course content, exam questions, Advisory Group members, ANSI information, personnel records, and any other material relating to the Certificate Program Instructional Design Plan, which are considered confidential. 

  • All online learner information is encrypted and secured with no set date for destruction/deletion.
  • Due to regulations that apply to accredited food safety certification organizations, we cannot offer on-demand account deletion.
  • All learners must agree electronically to the above before commencing a course.
  • Any paper-based documents relating to the Certificate Program Instructional Design Plan, also have an indefinite retention schedule.

The Company places high importance on earning and keeping the trust of individual learners who share their personal information with us. We are an American Company and we follow US Law with regards to the collection, storage, use, transfer and other processing of personal data.

We are an American company, so we follow US Law

Please note that our Product is directed towards users who live in the United States. By using the Website and obtaining the Product, you consent to the collection, storage, processing, and transfer of your information in and to the United States, or other countries and territories, pursuant to the laws of the United States, and the State of Minnesota.

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