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“I wouldn’t normally say this, but I am excited about Food Safety Training!”April Gallardo, Training Manager at Snappy Salads

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Our Food Handler Certificate

The essentials of excellent food safety are covered in this course meaning that you, your business and your customers are always food safe.

Accredited by the American National Standards Institute, our course is recognised by most states. So no matter where you live or work, you’re certified to provide safe food.

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How do we help you more than other Food Safety courses?

Always Enjoyable

Our courses are ALWAYS enjoyable – you might even laugh out loud! We know that if you enjoy the course, then you remember it more easily…which means you apply it in your work.

The right way

We make mistakes – lots of them – so that then hopefully you’ll do it the right way.

Always Learning

Always Learning – when you pass your course and become a food safety hero, we’ll be here for even more useful info and ideas on how to be Always Food Safe – see what we did there?

Did you know…?

Each year around 48 million* Americans become ill from preventable foodborne illnesses – and 3,000 actually die as a result!!!.

*CDC Estimates