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Free Downloads for Your Kitchen and Other Food Safety Resources

Completing your food safety training is a huge step towards being always food safe, but we know that applying your learning in your workplace is how you can play your part in keeping your customers eating safely.

Below are links to some free downloads that will benefit you and your operation.

Cleaning Schedules

Cleaning schedules are the best way to ensure your kitchen is regularly cleaned. Keep track of how each area should be cleaned, as well as who is assigned to clean it so it never gets skipped.

Temperature Records

Temperature abuse can lead to foodborne illness outbreaks—but it can be easily avoided by checking your thermometers.

We provide printable PDFs for keeping log of cooking temperatures and refrigerator and freezer temperatures as well.

Help Guides

Here are some other helpful guides with food safety information to help you keep your kitchen safe.

Who else can help?

Looking for even more resources to help with food safety? Take a look at these web links and maybe even sign up to their news alerts. They have some very useful information and services that will also help you to be always food safe.