Blog posts of '2019' 'June' and Always Food Safe: The Ultimate Pairing

In general, a bartender job description includes many elements. Some of those duties may be:


  •        Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages for bar and restaurant patrons
  •        Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails
  •        Plan and present bar menu
  •        Restock and replenish bar inventory as needed
  •        Provide an excellent guest experience
  •        Comply with all food and beverage regulations is an online server and selling training program that teaches employees to serve and sell alcohol legally and responsibly. Each state has different training requirements so their website provides a pull-down menu to see what training programs are available for your state. In addition to liquor handler training, some states require bartenders to have food safety training as well. That’s why Always Food Safe has joined forces with to provide food safety training along with their liquor handler training. By combining our services with, we’ve ensured hospitality customers get the best experience possible. Their beverages and food are safe.

Even if your state doesn’t require food safety training for bartenders, it’s still a good idea, and honestly, the responsible decision to become certified in food safety. When you take a look at the bartender duties, you’ll see many of those describe tasks that require people to come in contact with food or kitchen equipment. If you’re looking to stay relevant in the ultra-competitive restaurant and bar industry, having that extra credential is a great idea regardless of your state’s regulations. Visit to learn more about their program or visit to learn more.