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New Year’s Resolution for a Restaurant Manager – 3 Easy, Simple Improvements




According to Restaurant Engine, one of the biggest issues facing a restaurant manager is the hiring and training of staff.


ADP estimate that the true cost of hiring and training a new member of staff is $4,129 and takes an average of 42 days to fill an open position.

This means that while the hiring process is important, it’s also really important to have an effective, and succinct onboarding policy.

Always Food Safe have a few helpful tools that could help you as a Manager:

1. Have Fun & Interactive Training for Staff

Marketing Insider Group predicts that 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials by 2020.

Millennials are known to actively engage far more with video-content, with 87% of all millennials preferring to learn using videos on their cell phone.

Always Food Safe’s training is a modern, alternative for the Millennial generation with our ANSI Accredited training being 100% online, video-based and fun and engaging.

Here is an example of our training for your reference – Watch Our Training Now

2. Continuous Training from a “Great Boss”

Research conducted by Inc. has shown that people leave their job for one main reason: lack of communication with their manager.

All employees want to feel appreciated, and that they are receiving the best training possible.

We understand that training a staff member takes a long time, so we do the work for you!

As an Always Food Safe customer we provide you with training material that will not only improve your staff’s knowledge but also make them feel more appreciated.

Take a look at one of our one-minute training videos.

3. Make Admin Easier for Yourself

We all know that running a restaurant involves a LOT of paperwork, but it does not have to!

Always Food Safe can provide you with a complimentary, management account that stores all certificates in one easy to use area.

Here is an example of what an account would like, it includes:


So, to make your life easier in 2020, get in touch today!

Either email or give us a call on 844.312.2011