How To Prevent Workplace Violence Associated With COVID-19
With coronavirus prevention policies such as masks, social distancing, and restrictions on how many people can be in your restaurant at one time, workers may be threatened or assaulted while trying to enforce these policies. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has released guidelines on how to handle violent workplace situations that may arise due to COVID-19 restrictions. You can implement these strategies in your restaurant to protect your employees and customers and create a safer space for everyone.
How To Get Your Food Manager Certification Online
Having a food manager certification allows you to lead your team and make sure that proper food safety measures are being taken to protect customers as well as your coworkers. And it is possible to earn this certification entirely online!
Thomas Draudt PBS Special Airs Throughout August 2020
Filmmaker Thomas Draudt is an Emmy Award-Winning producer and an Emmy Nominated Director, and who also directed our Food Manager training videos! Partnering with Rhode Island PBS, he has created his first PBS special, “Second Wind: The Tale of a Sailor,” which originally premiered in August 2019 and will be airing again on various PBS stations in August 2020.