Food Protection Manager - South Carolina - All counties (Lessons Only)


State Requirements

South Carolina requires all of its food establishments to have a Certified Food Protection Manager on duty when the business is open.

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What's Included In This Package

100% Online Training

Complete Around Your Lifestyle. Training ranges from 4 to 8 Hours, depending on your prior knowledge. The training covers EVERYTHING that will be on the final exam.

The Benefits of Always Food Safe
  • Your Health Inspector will Accept this Certification

    State Accepted, ANSI Accredited Online Food Protection Manager Certification that is accepted throughout South Carolina.

  • Available in English & Spanish

    Our training is available in both English & Spanish, so you can take the training in the language you feel most comfortable in.

  • Video Learning

    We are the only company around to offer video learning, our course is far more engaging and entertaining than anything else out there.

  • 100% Online Training

    This training is 100% online and once completed you can arrange your exam in your local testing center.

Additional Information:

South Carolina
Certificate validity
3 years (3 años)
Passing score
All counties (Todos los condados)
Mandatory in this region

To use online proctoring, you must:

  • Have a webcam and microphone attached to your computer (all laptops have these installed as standard)
  • Have a private room to take the exam in. This could be a room in your house, office, or public space. It just means you need an area to take the exam where people will not be walking in and out.
  • Have a current, government-issued ID

Which devices are not accepted?

  • Cell Phone
  • Tablet
  • Chromebook

You can complete the training on the above devices, but you will need a laptop to take the final exam.

  1. ANSI Approved Certification (The same as ServSafe)
  2. 2 Exam Attempts & only a 70% passing score required 
  3. Available in English & Spanish – Both the training and exam are available in English & Spanish.
  4. Complimentary Management System – All student results and certificates will automatically be stored in your complimentary management account.
  5. Video Training – We are the only company in the industry to offer video-based learning
The purpose of this ANSI Accredited Food Protection Manager Training is to provide managers the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to oversee safe storage, preparation and service food.

All learning is mapped against the 2017 FDA Food Code.

Video Learning is broken up into 23 chapters that last no longer than 20 minutes each. With it being 100% online, you can complete the training around your lifestyle.

Below is a breakdown of the chapter content:
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: The “Journey of Food” – Contamination
  • Chapter 3: The “Journey of Food” – Importance of the Food Handler
  • Chapter 4: The “Journey of Food” – Time & Temperature Control
  • Chapter 5: The “Journey of Food” – Purchasing to Store Room
  • Chapter 6: The “Journey of Food” – Preparation
  • Chapter 7: The “Journey of Food” – Service
  • Chapter 8: The “Journey of Food” – Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • Chapter 9: The “Journey of Food” – Food Safety Management
  • Chapter 10: The “Journey of Food” – Facilities and Pest Management

Hear what people have to say about Always Food Safe

  • A convenience store chain

The convenience chain store had several stores across the Midwest. Looking to simplify and consolidate their food safety training, they switched to Always Food Safe.

We had a hodge-podge of different companies with different products and services. It wasn’t very organized. In moving to Always Food Safe, now we have one provider that gives everyone the same information, and it is very direct, very easy, and our people have taken to it really well.

  • A family-run catering and cook-to-order business serving Southern-style BBQ.

The moment I signed up with Always Food Safe, they have been in constant contact with any question I had. Always Food Safe provided a higher level of what felt like “one-on-one” training throughout the course, than I have ever received before.  Great company, awesome training, superior customer service!!

  • A school district

The course was great, the actors in the presentation really made the course go fast. The practice test really prepared the individual with the information they needed for the final exam.

South Carolina
Certificate validity
3 years (3 años)
Passing score
All counties (Todos los condados)
Mandatory in this region