A Food Safety Training Program Compliant with Your LMS Platform

Over 2,000 staff certified in 7 months!


The Customer:

This customer has over 300 locations throughout the USA, and everything was run through their head office.


The Customer’s Goal:

To have every member of staff food safety certified across the organization.


The Issues Faced:

  1.        Visibility across the whole organization – no clear way to see who was certified in which location
  2.        Consistency of training – without one solo vendor, there was no consistency of training across the company
  3.        Certificates not stored in a centralized area – with no central management account system, certificates were stored in a wide range of areas
  4.        No accountability – head office could not see the activity of each location, so there was no accountability

How Did Always Food Safe Help?

  1.        Provided training in SCORM files – all our training modules were provided to the customer. This allowed them to upload them to their LMS platform, which provided training continuity for all locations.
  2.        Worked with LMS provider to integrate both systems – our IT team worked together with the LMS provider to seamlessly link the LMS platform to our exam platform. This allowed a smooth customer journey that allowed all staff members to gain their certification.
  3.        Passed over all exam results & certifications – once a staff member had passed their exam, all data and certificates would then reside in the company LMS. This allowed the company to track all employees to make sure they had reached the necessary level of accreditation.


The Final Results

The aim of the organization was to have every location fully certified within 12 months, and we managed this feat in 7.

  • In 7 months, we have certified:
    • 199 Staff with their Allergen Awareness Certificate
    • 1,911 Staff with their Food Handler Certificate
    • 230 Staff with their Food Manager Certification

2,340 staff certified in 7 months.



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