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Why did you move from your previous provider? 

We had a hodge-podge of different companies with different products and services. It wasn’t very organized. In moving to Always Food Safe, now we have one provider that gives everyone the same information, and it is very direct, very easy, and our people have taken to it really well. 


What interested you about Always Food Safe? 

The ability to have some control over training and having one repository of who has been certified, so we can track people and see when they are getting certified. This has helped us in the process to consolidate. 

We can do it on our timetable instead of other company’s office hours. It eliminated necessity of travel. Even with combined savings on rates, and not having someone travel to and from, we can do it on our time, on our sites, as part of the regular work process. 


What are your thoughts on our courses and their course content? 

Course contents are spot on. I’m interested and kind of excited to see what courses they develop in the future. They were very quick to offer signage and infographics during COVID to help customers, so they are very quick to move. 

And I am very interested to see them grow and develop more courses that are pertinent. 


How was your experience with Always Food Safe? 

It’s been very good. We were there almost at the very beginning. 

They are very patient, and they are very much interested in our timetables and our ability to deliverIt’s refreshing. 


Did Always Food Safe live up to your expectations? 

Yes, very much soThey are top tier. If we need service or have questions, answers are just about immediate. We’ve had some issues that are rather unique to different markets, such as the persnickety nature of different jurisdictions, and we’ve been very impressed with Always Food Safe’s ability to respond to those situations 


Would you recommend Always Food Safe to your friends and colleagues?  

I certainly would, and already have. Even having the ability to train and certify leaders to be proctors, it does nothing but save us time and money. We can do everything internally, in house. 


Provide any other statements you’d like to share about our courses or company in general: 

Very complete training, certainly on point with different needsWe are in the convenience business, which is different from others. I can see where it helps both things. Always Food Safe has ability to help people across all different types of markets. 



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