Food Protection Manager - Kentucky - All counties (Exam only)

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State Requirements

The regulations differ across Kentucky counties. Many counties make the Food Protection Manager Exam a mandatory requirement, while other counties require Managers to “Demonstrate Knowledge”, when a Health Inspector visits the business.

Your Local Health Department WILL Accept This Certification!

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What's Included in this Package

1. Proctored Exam 80 Question ANSI Accredited Exam in a Proctored Environment (Test Center). Pass Rate is 70%

You must select proctoring from the drop down box.

The Benefits of Always Food Safe

  • Your Health Inspector will Accept this Certification
  • State Accepted, ANSI Accredited Online Food Protection Manager Certification that is accepted throughout California.

  • Available in English & Spanish
  • Our exam is available in both English & Spanish, so you can take the exam in the language you feel most comfortable in.

    We often get asked to explain what certification means and more importantly, will my Health Inspector accept my certificate.

    Currently, there are four nationally accredited exams which are accepted by health departments as meeting these certification requirements:

    Prometric, NRFSP, 360 Training and Servsafe

    The Always Food Safe Company has partnered with Prometric to offer their ANSI Accredited, Food Protection Manager examination and certification.

    We partnered with Prometric so you can take the proctored exam at any of their 1,100 testing centers located throughout the US. When you purchase the exam option, you will be directed to their website to allow you to immediately book a location that is convenient to you.

    Prometric Food Protection Manager ANSI Certification is accredited and accepted nationwide

    • It is nationally approved and accepted by your Health Department
    • Has over 1,100 testing locations
    • You will immediately get test results and if successful, your printed certificate within 15 days of passing.

    Certification Process

          Step 1

    If you are new to a manager position, or just looking to re-fresh your knowledge prior to the exam, purchase and complete the online training course

          Step 2

    When ready, call to schedule the examination at a testing center which is most convenient to you

          Step 3

    Choose the date and time that fits in with your needs

          Step 4

    Take and pass the exam

          Step 5

    Receive your official certificate in the mail within 15 days

    What does a proctored exam mean?

    For the Food Protection Manager exam, it is mandatory that the exam is supervised by a proctor. A proctor is an approved, neutral person who ensures the integrity of the environment, security of the exam, and to confirm the identity of the person taking the exam.

    Why do exams have to be proctored?

    Quite simply, it is to stop any possibility of cheating on the exam. This qualification is not just important for the examinee to get a job, it is also vital for the general public so people in charge of foodservice establishments fully understand every aspect of Food Safety.

    Who currently proctors Always Food Safe’s exams?

    Presently all Always Food Safe exams are proctored by Prometric, they have hundreds of locations across the USA. For your nearest test center, click here.

    How to become a proctor for your business

    Having the ability to in-house proctor has many huge advantages for a business:

    •         Time Saving (Exams can be taken in your facility)
    •         Cost Saving (There is a significant saving to any business, who chooses this option)
    •         Better knowledge of staff’s Food Safety shortcomings

    If you have an interest in becoming an in-house proctor for your business get in touch today.


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    Putting Theory into Practice

    With Always Food Safe's Training we don't just teach you the theory, we show you how to put this into practice in your day to day life.

    Our experts take apart the theory and break it down into real life situations and give you ideas in regards to implementing it into your role.



    Interviews with Industry Experts

    Our Food Protection Manager training is packed full of interviews with industry experts from some of the biggest foodservice establishments in America.

    Getting their experience, insight and knowledge is invaluable as an educational resource; they see Food Safety in a way that most people don't even think about. 


    Fun & Engaging Content

    We wouldn't wish 8 hours of PowerPoint slides on our worst enemy, nevermind people we are trying to help. That's why we use video learning and try and keep the content as fun and engaging as we can.

    Products specifications
    State Kentucky
    County All counties (Todos los condados)
    Certificate validity 5 years (5 años)
    Mandatory in this region Demonstration of Knowledge
    Passing score 75%
    Products specifications
    State Kentucky
    County All counties (Todos los condados)
    Certificate validity 5 years (5 años)
    Mandatory in this region Demonstration of Knowledge
    Passing score 75%