Always Food Safe partner with Food Recovery Network

Always Food Safe partner with Food Recovery Network

In 2012, a small group of college students noticed the large amount of perishable dining hall food that went to waste at the end of each day. Together, they started The Food Recovery Network.

Their mission was to recover perfectly good food, that would otherwise be thrown away, and donate it to hunger-fighting nonprofits. Food Recovery Network is the largest student movement that seeks to fight food waste and hunger in America.

By the end of the first school year, the group had recovered and distributed 30,000 meals.


Food Recovery Network Official Chapters across the USA


From there, the movement spread across campuses nationwide. There are currently 230 chapters in 44 states across the United States. Collectively, the chapters have recovered more than 2 million pounds of food; that equates to more than 2.5 million meals to people in need.

Always Food Safe is proud to support and join forces with the FRN to ensure food safety standards be met and practiced while continuing their mission of less waste and less hunger. Food safety is a major concern. The CDC estimates that there are about 48 million cases of foodborne illness annually.

Each year these illnesses result in an estimated 128,000 hospitalizations and 3,000 deaths.

Another food related issue is food waste. Wasted food is a huge challenge to our natural resources, our environment, and our pocketbooks. When prepared food is dumped in the trash, or even composted, it’s not only the food, but the time and energy put into preparing it, that gets wasted.

Food Recovery Network began when a group of students recognized a problem and realized that solving that problem could also solve a whole other list of problems. The initiative has reduced food waste and fought the hunger epidemic in the United States.

It’s a privilege for us, at Always Food Safe, to help contribute to such a noble and worthy cause. If you would like to join Always Food Safe and the Food Recovery Network, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. Visit the FRN website to learn more:


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