Safety Tips for Meal Kits and Grocery Delivery

Safety Tips for Meal Kits and Grocery Delivery


Yes, some people actually enjoy meal prep, grocery shopping, and the like, but they’re probably just as dangerous as the people who unpack immediately after a vacation--*shiver.* As for the rest of us, the emergence of meal kits and grocery delivery is basically the best thing since sliced bread. Just picture it, it’s noon on a Friday and you haven’t made it to the grocery store yet. You’re going to be home all weekend and food delivery can get expensive. The idea of trudging to the store after work is daunting. Then you remember your local grocery store allows you to shop online and will deliver. It’s the perfect solution whether you’re busy or just unmotivated. What a time to be alive!

Meal kits and grocery delivery is rising in popularity but there are still food safety challenges. Federal regulations dictate food safety is a priority during delivery, but after it’s delivered it’s up to the consumer to keep products safe. Here are a few safety tips for you to consider:


  •        If you plan on subscribing to a meal kit delivery company, read reviews, look up their safety protocols, ask questions.
  •        Arrange for someone to accept the delivery or find a safe place to have the packages delivered.

After Arrival:

  •        Check that food temperatures are still at safe levels.
  •        Perishable food items should be frozen.
  •        Make sure packaging is appropriate for the type of food item.
  •        Check receipts and make sure you’ve received the correct items and be sure to store everything properly as soon as possible.


Food safety is incredibly important and if you have to sacrifice that for convenience, it’s really not worth it. Plan accordingly and enjoy!


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