Training & Protecting Your Staff is a Legal Requirement

Training & Protecting Your Staff is a Legal Requirement

With the news that 5 McDonalds employees in Chicago are filing a lawsuit alleging the chain did not protect them against COVID-19 it brought into the focus the importance of training your staff, but also correctly documenting it.

Here are a few top tips we want to give every restaurant to protect themselves from potential legal issues.


1.      Train Your Staff. It’s the Law!

As a business you have a legal requirement to train your staff. This is to protect both the worker and the customer.

We will focus on the Food Safety aspect of this, but there are many areas of training that are needed, such as First Aid and Health & Safety.

With Food Safety training the benefits far outweigh the costs, and restaurants who take training seriously are often the most profitable.

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2.      Document It


Training your staff is one thing, however from a legal perspective it is vital that you can prove to people that this has taken place.

If a Health Inspector walks into the building they will want to see all training and certifications easily, they will not want to be searching for the documentation themselves.

This is why an Online, Management System can be so helpful. All training details and certificates can be stored in one, easy to use area.

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3.      Make it Part of Your Culture


Although legally your staff only need to be certified every 3 or 5 years (depending on the certification) that is nowhere near enough to run a safe, successful organization.

With COVID-19 sweeping the country it has highlighted more than ever that continuous training is essential to keep both staff and customers safe.

It’s also important to keep up with ever changing regulations. A great place for these sorts of updates is always the FDA website.

At Always Food Safe we are constantly creating new content to keep you up to date with the latest trends in Food Safety.

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