Food Safety and Child Care

Food Safety and Child Care

Unless you were living under a rock last year, you’re probably well aware of all the food recalls, CDC warnings, lettuce-free sandwiches. As we continue to learn about hazards and regulate food production, food safety training and awareness is more important than ever.

As the school year winds down many will be searching for summer childcare. While there are definitely laws pertaining to food safety and child care it’s not as widely talked about and regulated as the restaurant industry. Considering that children spread germs and illness faster than parents and caregivers can sanitize, we think it’s a subject worth talking about.


Foodborne illness is caused by eating foods or drinking beverages that are contaminated with germs like bacteria, viruses, molds, or parasites. These pathogens can spread rapidly and can be picked up in many different ways. If there’s one thing that’s universal to all children everywhere it’s that they have tendency to play with, touch, or interact with things that may not always be the most sanitary. Yes, we remind them to wash their hands, but it’s advice they don’t always heed.


Often, foodborne illness can spread from something as simple as a toy passing between kids. When you work with kids you know there’s very rarely a quiet moment. It’s easy to miss something simple. If you want to learn more about food safety or food allergens visit our website to register for our online training courses. You’ve got a million and one things to remember and take care of. We’re here to help create a food safety culture and it starts with education and implementation.

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