Salaried Manager Training during the Coronavirus outbreak

Salaried Manager Training during the Coronavirus outbreak


As the Coronavirus continues to sweep across the USA and “Social Distancing” is becoming a standard operating procedure in America, the restaurant industry is being hit harder than most by this procedure.

With this in mind, it is important to make the best out of a bad situation and use this time where your establishment may be quieter or in worst case scenarios forced to shut down to make sure all your Food Protection Managers are trained and certified.

It is a mandatory requirement across the USA that there is at least one certified food protection manager on duty during hours of operation. Does your business comply with this?

If you don’t, then training and certification is essential

Staff can complete training in their homes:

All of our training is online, meaning that your managers can complete the mandatory training in their homes.

The training is video-based and will be far more engaging than other training programs out there.

Exams can be proctored at your location:

When it comes to getting certified all exams must be overseen by a proctor. Normally that means you have to send managers out to an exam center. With Always Food Safe you can proctor exams internally, meaning managers do not have to go to crowded exam centers to take their exams.

Training can save people’s lives

Excellent Personal Hygiene is the number 1 way to prevent the spread of the virus. So, training your staff on these essentials is not just mandatory, it could also save someone’s life.

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