New Year’s Resolutions for a Restaurant Manager – 5 Easy, Simple Improvements

New Year’s Resolutions for a Restaurant Manager – 5 Easy, Simple Improvements

The beginning of a new year is a good time to reflect and make changes that will better your life. As you are setting your health and lifestyle resolutions for the new year, consider making a few resolutions about restaurant management.

Here are 4 ideas of New Year’s resolutions you can make to become an even better restaurant manager.

1. Switch to Video-Based Training

Everyone has different learning styles, but video-based learning has been proven to keep students more engaged and help to better retain the information.

Keep your staff engaged by implementing video-based food safety training to make sure they are retaining the most food safety knowledge that they can.

2. Implement Continuous Training

Help keep your staff educated about proper food safety procedures by implementing continuous training throughout the year. While food handlers cards only need to be renewed every one to three years depending on the state, it is good to equip your staff with up-to-date knowledge to ensure your kitchen is safe.

3. Better Organize Your Certifications

We all know that running a restaurant involves a LOT of paperwork, but it does not have to.

Get a management account that stores all certificates in one easy to use area, including information about what training each employee has taken, their pass rate, and a link to a PDF version of the certificate.

4. Keep Better Track with Schedules and Logs

Create a schedule and keep up with your cleaning and thermometer checks by using some of our  PDF downloads that you fill out to track when you’ve last cleaned or checked the temperatures of the refrigerators.

5. Offer Greater Flexibility with Certifications

Driving to a testing center to take the food protection manager certification exam can take time out of your staff’s already busy schedule. Offer them greater flexibility by giving them the option to take remotely proctored online exams so they can take the exam wherever and whenever, or have an internal proctor in your business so they can take their exam in-house.

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