Food Handler

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Online, Video-Based, ANSI Accredited Food Handler Certificate

Always Food Safe is proud to offer an Online, Video-Based, ANSI Accredited Food Handler Certificate across the USA.

We are the only provider in the industry to offer this type of training, and we believe that our learning style improves knowledge retention, resulting in higher test scores and being more proficient at your job within the foodservice industry.

Who Is Required To Complete This Training?

Regulations differ by state, and by selecting your state from the drop down box above it will break down exact regulations for your state/county.

However, everyone who works within the Food Industry has a legal and moral obligation to have a basic knowledge of Food Safety, and this is why this course is highly recommended to everyone within the industry.

What Does The Course Consist Of?

The course is split into 9 chapters and explains in detail everything you need to make sure you and your customers are safe:

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to Food Safety & The Law
  • Chapter 2 - Food Safety Hazards – Pathogenic Bacteria
  • Chapter 3 - Allergens
  • Chapter 4 - Time & Temperature Controls
  • Chapter 5 - Principles of Safe Food Storage
  • Chapter 6 - Food Pests
  • Chapter 7 - Cleaning
  • Chapter 8 - Front of House
  • Chapter 9 - Personal Hygiene