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        Do your staff buy their own training but you still want all certificates in one place?

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        ANSI Accredited – Provider #1203

        As an owner/manager you understand that staff having a Food Handler Card is a legal requirement.

        We give you the tools needed to track and manage staff compliance. Fully trained staff will reduce risks to your customers, increase profits and will highlight good practice to your Health Official.

        What you get with our Business Admin Area:

        As an owner or manager you quickly and easily want to be able to see how your staff are progressing with their Food Handler training. This is why we have created an area that provides clear tracking of learners to help protect your due diligence defence for food safety.

        On this portal you can:

        • See all Food Handler learner codes
        • Check learner progress, including pass rates and time spent studying
        • Store every learners’ Food Handler Card (certificate)
        • Order new codes at your agreed price
        • Download reports to prove your food hygiene compliance and due diligence to your local health officer

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        We understand that your team passing their Food Handler course is an excellent start to creating a food safety culture, but it’s also important to remind your staff of good food hygiene practices on a regular basis.

        Our free downloads allow you to pass information out to your staff to remind them of the learnings from their Food Handler course. We will also be sending through video reminders of good practices to your staff via email.

        Our belief that continuous education is the best way to have fully qualified staff who fully understand what it means to be ‘Food Safe’.

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        Always Food Safe is fully accredited by American National Standards Institute: (ANSI/ASTM ) –accreditation number #1203.

        Our Food Handler course is mapped against the 2013 U S Food and Drug Administration (FDA )Food Code and covers all aspects of food safety, so you know what we’re telling your staff is compliant with the latest food regulations.

        The course length is under 2 hours, with a multiple-choice exam which contains 40 questions.
        Free unlimited retests until your member of staff gains their food safety certification.

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        Most food safety failures are a result of new or untrained Food Handlers and servers.

        They are the majority of your workforce, and it is recognized by Health Officials, that this is where the food safety chain breaks down.

        Utilize the expertise of our company and ensure that ALL Food Handlers receive a high level of training.

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