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Official APPROVED, ANSI accredited online Food Handlers training that is accepted throughout Hawaii.

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Available in English & Spanish
Our training is available in both English & Spanish, so you can choose to learn in the language you feel most comfortable in.

Valid for 3 years
Once completed your Food Handler certificate will be valid for 3 years.

What is the purpose of Food Handler training?

Food Handler training will allow you or your staff to understand the necessary good practice, including legal requirements, that must be applied to the storage and cooking of food, as well as the basic principles of good practice needed to keep food areas/kitchens clean and safe.


The FDA recommends that everyone who works in a kitchen should have at least Food Handler training, so it is not only essential, but it will impress visiting health inspectors.

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What does the course consist of?

The course is split into 9 chapters and explains in detail everything you need to make sure you and your customers are safe.

Chapter 1- Introduction to Food Safety & The Law
Chapter 2- Food Safety Hazards – Pathogenic Bacteria
Chapter 3 – Allergens
Chapter 4 – Time & Temperature Controls
Chapter 5 – Principles of Safe Food Storage
Chapter 6 – Food Pests
Chapter 7 – Cleaning
Chapter 8 – Front of House
Chapter 9 – Personal Hygiene

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Learner Benefits

Our course allows YOU to take personal responsibility for food safety, as well as being able to demonstrate basic principles of good practice needed to keep food areas, kitchens, front of house and yourself clean and safe.

• Our courses are filmed in catering kitchens and provide curriculum based learning linked to “real life” situations
• We show good practice and deliberate mistakes
• Humor is used to make the course more enjoyable and engaging
• Course mapped against the 2013 U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code and covers all aspects of food safety
• FREE unlimited re-tests!

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