Become more employable in 3 simple steps!

The demand for food service labor may see an increase of over 14% by 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But how do you begin to separate yourself from the crowd? What is it that a business is looking for in future employees? Here are three actions that you can take to bolster your odds:

1. Get Certified

    Nothing will impress your future employer more than a certification. If you have the approval to handle food safely and be a hazard-free employee within the hustling restaurant environment, you are set for the fast track to success. We even offer Food Handler certifications – our courses are video-based, entirely online, mobile friendly, and available in English and Spanish.

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    2. Stay in contact with references.

      Businesses are going to want to hear what you have done. While it is preferred that you have previous experience in the foodservice industry, other references will be just as important for future employers. Keep in mind several individuals who have seen you demonstrate traits like leadership or initiative. Make sure that they come from a diverse background; do not give your family tree. Stay in touch with your contacts, keeping up to date with their contact information. Be considerate, ALWAYS ask for permission to give out a reference’s information.

      3. Ask a friend

        Let’s be honest, quite often the best recruitment plan is asking your friends for “an in”, if they know you’re qualified, they can sell this to your manager. Keep in mind that when you ask a friend for a reference to an employer, your friend is putting his or her work reputation on the line for you. Be sure to represent them well by showing up prepared for your interview and proactively getting all Food Handler certifications you will need for your state.

        What do most food services businesses know about you? Nothing! Reach out to restaurants and establishments that you enjoy and get to know the members of their staff. Contact businesses whether they are looking for employees or not; a spot may be opening soon. If you have previous experience in the food-service industry, ask former co-workers if they have heard about any openings. Even if you strike out on the first few tries, employers will understand and will empathize.

        So, there you go. Follow the above steps and this will be you in no time…….