The Cost of Re-Hiring and How to Reduce Your Restaurant’s Turnover Rate

With the employee turnover rate for the restaurant industry at 70% for the second consecutive year, it must feel like you never have time to focus on running a restaurant.

Not only is staff turnover time-consuming and stressful—it is also expensive.

The advertising, interview, and training costs for a new employee add up. Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research put the cost at $5,864 per employee.

This is money that could be saved by simply empowering your employees through training and giving them the knowledge they need to succeed at their jobs.


Empowering Employees with Training

Forbes’ research found that 28% of all employees quit within the first 90-120 days of employment, due to a lack of training and support.

When staff receive training, they feel valued, and appreciated, and see potential within their job. This makes them less likely to leave, as they see a clear future with the business.

A lack of training can make many employees feel underappreciated and can become disillusioned with their role within the organization.

So, make training part of your culture. It will benefit you, your employees, and your business.


Importance of Continuous Training

In just 6 months, staff will have forgotten 90% of the training you taught them, so it’s important to make continuous training part of your business culture.

Training certificates only need to be renewed every couple of years, depending on the certification, but in the meantime, it’s important to give your employees training refreshers to help them retain more information. Even something as simple as a short recap video can help jog their memory on a particular subject.


Consider Video-Based Training

When it comes to training, save yourself time and money by switching to video-based food safety training. Not only do training videos cut down on training and onboarding costs, but video-based training also engages employees and helps them better retain information. And if they know more about proper food safety, they will feel more empowered as an employee and will be more likely to stay.


Empower your employees by giving them all the training they need to succeed. Check out our online, video-based food handler, allergen awareness, and food protection manager training programs.