Internal Proctoring - How it can help your business

ANSI regulations require that food protection manager exams must be proctored.

Always Food Safe now lets you proctor in house, allowing you to administer exams at your location. Internal proctoring has many benefits for your business, including saving money, time, and making the exam process easier for your business.

What does internal proctoring entail?

Proctors arrange and schedule upcoming exams, administer the exam based off the process laid out by Always Food Safe, and provide certificates to staff after successfully completing the exam.

Benefits of Internal Proctoring

Having an internal proctor for your business has many benefits.

Save Money

Internal proctoring can save you up to $48 per staff member, since you do not need to pay for a proctor for your business.

Save Time

All exams can be done at your location, allowing them to get back to work sooner.

Easier to Administer

Once staff complete exam, the certificate will automatically go to your account. No need to collect certificates and store in the office.

Steps to Become a Proctor

1.      Apply

Submit your details and paperwork to Always Food Safe to express your interest in becoming a proctor.

2.      Sign Agreement

If approved, you will need to sign the Always Food Safe proctor agreement.

3.      Pass Proctor Quiz

Once we have all of your paperwork, you will need to study for and pass the proctor quiz (open book!)

4.      Start Proctoring!

Once paperwork and the proctor quiz are done, you are ready to proctor exams.

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