Why Managers Need Food Safety Training

Why Managers Need Food Safety Training

The food industry in the United States alone have a $55.5 billion food safety problem. This includes restaurants, hotels, C-stores, as well as food recalls and safety issues. Aside from the obvious concern of causing illness—or even death—to consumers, the food industry’s food safety problem costs a lot of money. A foodborne illness incident can cost restaurants money in a number of different ways such as: decreased revenues, legal fees, lawsuits, diminished sales from worried guests, and a damaged reputation that could permanently shut their doors.

When it comes down to accounting for that loss restaurant owners, managers, and franchisees tend to get the blame. This makes manager food safety training all the more important.


Many in the restaurant industry rely on the “trickle down” approach with food safety training. This means that the managers complete food safety training courses and pass that information down to staff members. In addition to many managers being responsible for training their employees, there are also several states that require it.  It is a legal requirement in several states to have at least one staff member Food Manager trained and on duty at any time in your business. This training gives Managers the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to oversee the safe storage, preparation, and service of food in the workplace.


In addition to Food Manager training, Always Food Safe offers Food Handler training and Allergen Awareness training. Visit our website to see if Food Manager training is a legal requirement in your state and download some of our helpful Food Manager PDFs to help keep your restaurant kitchen organized, efficient, and food safe!



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