Why It’s So Important for Your Staff to Understand Food Allergies

Keeping your staff trained about food safety is crucial to a well-run restaurant, but one aspect of food safety that is just as important are allergens.

Food allergies are very common. Approximately 15 million Americans have some sort of food allergy. Reactions to allergens can range from mild to severe, with over 150 people dying each year.

Depending on where you are, allergen training may not be required, but it is still oh-so-important. If your staff isn’t properly educated on allergens, it risks a customer having a life-threatening allergic reaction and needing medical attention.

Being knowledgeable about allergens helps to minimize the risk of exposure to customers as well as the risk of litigation against your restaurant or your staff. It is your responsibility to prevent these situations from happening.

So, protect your customers and your business by having your staff allergen trained. Learn more about our Allergen Awareness Training to get started.

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